Like one said, “Smile is the best ornament that a human can wear”. Everyone wants an amazing smile that everyone loves especially in the day where social interaction is the essential part of our daily lives. To help you achieve this amazing smile, you have Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen.

Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen is natural tooth whitening supplement that will help you whiten your teeth naturally without damaging your oral health or teeth. A natural, white and beautiful smile will make a pleasant human being for interaction.

Better human interaction is necessary to help you climb the success ladder in the modern-day world.

A lot of methods claim to help you achieve the best smile with the help of various surgeries and chemical treatments. Yet, natural ways are proven to give better results and Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen is one of them.

But to show you that, here is a brief analysis of this teeth whitener that will help you ensure that it is the right choice.

What Is Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen?

Recent studies show that you can achieve results in teeth whitening at home like the dentist. This whitening supplement is one such way.

This teeth whitener is made from authentic natural ingredients that are clinically proven to give results for teeth whitening. the supplement is also proven to be free from side effects and does not harm your teeth.

Although there are many chemical ways that will help you enhance the whiteness of your teeth, we all know that natural ways are to be the best for safe and better results. This supplement is one such natural technique.

This whitener is free from synthesized chemicals and binders. It does not contain any ingredients that can damage your teeth or degrade your oral health.

Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen - Reviews - Free Trial -

Benefits Of Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen

This teeth whitening supplement is one of the ideal supplements available on the market. It gives you a variety of benefits.

Coffee, tea, and soda are some of the main constituents of your daily diet that stain the teeth and devoid you from a natural and bright smile. This whitener is very effective against these stains and removes them with the help of strong oxidizing agents present in it.

This helps in polishing and shining of the teeth better than the dentists and at the very low cost. It uses an herbal extract that helps it in the process.

The teeth whitener cleans the enamel effectively without damaging the internal structure. It removes stains and plaque from the enamel which helps you get a bright and wide smile naturally.

With the help of its oxidizing properties, Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen prevents the building of plaque and protects enamel from stains. This helps in whitening of the teeth by eradicating the root cause.

The supplement also has antiseptic properties that protect the enamel from the corroding bacteria. This helps in maintaining good oral health and proper state of the teeth is ensured.

This product is a safe, easy and affordable alternative for whitening of dentists rather than going to the dentists. It is easy to use and does not involve complex processes or complex equipment like bleaching trays.

The product is also proven to be free from side effects and safe for teeth and your mouth. It is also delivered at your doorstep.

A risk-free trial is also available on the manufacturer’s website so that you help yourself to be sure of this product. The regular version of this product is also available at an affordable price on the manufacturer’s website with heavy and attractive offers.

How To Request A Risk Free Trial Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen?

Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen is available on the manufacturer’s website at the heavy discounted price and attractive offers. If you are not sure about the product and want to give it a trial run, then a free trial offer is awaiting you. But, to avail these offers you have to follow the following conditions.

  • You must be a citizen of the United States.
  • You must be a first-time customer.
  • You have to pay the handling and shipping charges.
  • Offer only till this special offer stock lasts.

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Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen - Reviews - Free Trial -

What Is Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen Made from?

The credible natural ingredients are one of the major pros of this supplement. Here are some of the ingredients that are used in this supplement that will help you in the whitening of your teeth.

Kosher Glycerin

This is a type of vegetable oil that is used in this product for giving stability to the chemical compound of this supplement. This is commonly termed as ‘Sugar Alcohol’ and is used in most of the foods and pharmaceuticals products.

The product is used below the safety level and is made purely from vegetable oil. You can be sure that it is free from any animal by-product.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is an herbal extract that is used an antibacterial, antiseptic, and pain-relieving properties. This herb is being used since the ancient times for gum and mouth infections.

This herb is also commonly used to add taste. In this supplement, it is used to add a mouth-refreshing, cool and minty fresh flavor to the product too better its taste.

This makes it pleasant for consumption and easier to include it in your daily schedule.


Carbomer is a term used for series of polymers with acrylic acids as their basic compound. This polymer has been proved as excellent teeth whitening agent.

This polymer uses it oxidizing properties to attack the plaque and other substances that have settled down on the teeth and consumes them.

This helps in bringing out the natural white color of your teeth and improves your oral health.

Reasons Behind Staining Of Teeth

You always wonder what makes your teeth like these? Remember when all the elders used to say don’t eat chocolates and junk food, you will ruin your teeth and you ate anyway? Well here is your result.

The continuous consumption of high sugar foods and drinks like candies, sweets, coffee, wine, alcohol, and soft drinks stains your teeth and causes them to lose their natural white color.

These foods attack and stain the enamel, the outer coating of the teeth. Also, not maintaining oral hygiene leads to the formation of plaque on your teeth.

Studies have found that the primary cause of yellow teeth in adults is smoking. Cigarettes contain nicotine which settles on the enamel permanently. These lead to the staining of the enamel.

If the stains are due to internal problems in the teeth, then you must consult a dentist. Else, Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen can help you fight any kind of teeth staining.

A bright and natural smile can be considered as an asset in the modern-day where society and social interactions are an integral part. Maintaining white teeth naturally is a challenge to today’s lifestyle. But with the help of this, it is easy to get that smile. Let Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen and your magical smile do the work while you enjoy the essence of life.

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Wider Smile Teeth Whitening Pen - Reviews - Free Trial -

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