Why Use Petroleum Jelly?

Petroleum jelly is a white soft paraffin wax that is used as an ointment for healing wounds or burnt skin. It is used by simply applying it to the affected area. The petroleum jelly is in form of rod wax that is transparent and lighter in the gel-type structure. It is also used for moisturizing your skin and repair various skin problems like dryness of skin, dullness, etc.

The use of petroleum jelly is not only restricted to skin but it can also be used for the treatment of hair problems too. Thus, the pure form of petroleum jelly benefits your hair grooming that is damaged due to the various pollutant in the environment. Below-mentioned are some of the useful properties of petroleum jelly that can help you for various purposes like:

Skin Care:


Petroleum Jelly can be mixed with other natural rough particles like sea salt, coffee and cane sugar and use it as a form of scrub on the body.

Reduce Rashes:

Use of petroleum jelly on the diaper rashes helps to reduce it, as when it is applied on the skin, it forms a barrier that helps your skin from exposure to moisture formed in the diaper.

Face Care:

Base For Makeup Products:

Petroleum Jelly can also be used as a base protecting cream for various makeup products, as it helps to protect your skin from direct contraction to the harmful chemicals present in the makeup.

A Lip Balm:

Using it as a lip balm helps to restore the moisture of your lips by protecting them from dryness and roughness due to sudden weather change. The use of petroleum jelly with a pinch of cinnamon in form of lip balm helps your lips to attain the desired softness.

Eyebrows and Eyelashes:

The application of petroleum jelly with the help of a clean brush on eyebrow helps you to give your eyebrows a desired and the correct shape for the whole day. Whereas, the use of a thin layer on eyelashes before going to the bed helps to grow thicker and darker lashes over time.

Hair Care:

Hair Styling:

A normal rub of petroleum jelly in between your fingers and then applying it to your hair helps to maintain your hairstyle in the correct position for the whole day. But the use of petroleum jelly with another styling products does not work effectively.

Remove Split Ends:

At the end of the hair strand, the application of petroleum jelly for 15-20 minutes helps to remove split ends and also solves the other hair damage problems.

Hair Mask:

Depending on the length of your hair, take one or two teaspoons of petroleum jelly and mix it well with few drops of cinnamon oil and spread it all over the hair. After two hours, tap your hair with the paper towel and with help of hair dryer warm your hair, so that it is easy to remove petroleum jelly while washing.

Nail Care:

Shine To Nails:

Rubbing your nails with petroleum jelly regularly for a few minutes helps your nail to get a shine and become stronger.


While the treatment of the hands i.e manicure and painting your nails, use of petroleum jelly on the dead skin cells at the end of fingernails help to prevent your nail skin from getting damaged from the harmful nail polish ingredients.

Household Purposes:

Restore Shine:

The transparency feature of petroleum jelly helps to restore the shine naturally, by applying a thin layer of it on the leather products like shoes, purses, etc

Removing Stains:

Application of a small proportion of petroleum jelly on the stains like lipstick mark or foundation drops helps to remove them easily.

Nail Polish:

For prevention of nail polish lid from getting stuck to the bottle, the use of thread dipped in petroleum jelly helps the lid from getting stuck.

Hence, the use of petroleum jelly can help you to deal with various problems related to the dry skin, cracked hands, dry patches, and puffiness under eyes. It is inexpensive and easy to use that will help your skin to attain a brighter side of it.