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Don’t you want a chance to impress a girl that you always fantasized about? Just in case if you’re wondering how can you do that and fulfill your dream of years, here is the to-do list for you.

  1. Hold an interesting conversation: You are wise enough to compliment her on every bit thing she does. This can help you hold an interesting conversation and it doesn’t need to have the sex talk in it to be interesting.
  2. Present yourself as high status: Women seem to be more attracted towards the men that live a luxurious life.
  3. You should be well settled: To attract a girl younger to you, you should be more stable in your life considering your career. A woman looking upon to settle in life always wishes to hook with someone who is more stable with a job.
  4. Build muscle: Every girl likes to live along with a man who has a built and a fit physique. Most of the girls want to have a strong man as their partner to flaunt him among her peers.
  5. Be kind: No matter how strong you are you will be valued only if you are kind towards your partner. Therefore, it is necessary to have a kind and honest nature to impress a girl.
  6. Say what you want: You should know exactly what you want and ask for it upfront without beating around the bush. After all, honesty is what attracts the most.
  7. Take charge: A woman always wants to date a daddy figure partner. You should know when to take charge and hold the authority in your relationship. This character assures her that you will be there with her no matter what and can look after her carefully.

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Here are some additional tips that would help you achieve your goal.

  1. Look proud: The most appealing expression that attracts the women is of pride. You should be proud of what you are and how you live your life. And assure her the same.
  2. Do not play mind games: Be interesting with your conversation and have a funny behavior but do not practice things that can piss off a girl.
  3. Keep your old-world charm alive: On your first date do not greet a girl with words but do it with your gestures.  Get her a flower, pull her a chair or even a peck on the cheek can melt her heart.
  4. Do not try to change her: Do not like her only for her physical appearance but be concerned about her inner beauty. Learn to accept her imperfections. This distinguishes a man from a boy.
  5.  Know how to pleasure her in bed: Now that you are older to her you would surely know what a woman wants in bed. And you should be able to satisfy her and fulfill her needs in bed.

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