The quest for bigger muscles often leads to over enthusiasm while lifting heavier weights. It satisfies one’s ego to lift a gargantuan amount of weight.

Getting stronger is a prerequisite for greater muscular development if you’re a natural lifter. However, it’s of no use to lift bigger weights if all the strain is taken by your joints and not the muscles you’re targeting.

Ego lifting can be detrimental to the longevity of your fitness journey. People also avoid mobility work and stretching which can later lead to muscle tears or stiffness.

Take It Slow

Every gym rat is looking forward to hitting new PRs (personal records) when it comes to lifting weights. A mammoth bench press is what satiates a guy’s ego immensely.

As a result of this people add weights haphazardly to the bar without consideration of proper form or technique. This causes major injuries that can halt or probably even end your fitness journey.

Additionally lifting like this doesn’t put the necessary strain on your muscles. It only puts unwanted tension on your joints and ligaments.

The key is to perform exercises with weights that you can control. You need to execute exercise movements with proper technique and form ensuring there’s strain only on the muscles you want.

Adding weight slowly helps in learning the movement patterns better. This allows the body to get used to the movements avoiding joint strain. It also prevents ligament tears which could be very likely if you started lifting heavy relatively faster.

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Avoid Mobility Issues

A lot of people avoid mobility work as it seems rather boring and unimportant. This leads to a stiffer musculature.

Avoiding mobility work can also lead to serious injuries as the body becomes too rigid to execute gym movements smoothly. The body becomes too stiff and more prone to ligament tears or muscle pulls.

Restricted mobility causes you to have problems doing daily activities. This can make you incapable of performing activities that you could earlier perform.

The solution is to incorporate mobility work including stretching and foam rolling. These help you be mobile and increase your agility while getting stronger.

The Muscles You Need To Stretch

While all muscles should be stretched regularly to avoid injuries some are more prone to damage.This is due to the nature of the modern lifestyle which is sedentary.

The hip flexors are the most rigid muscles in our body. This is due to a sedentary lifestyle prevalent in the modern world.

The hip flexors help you flex your leg and knee towards your body. Due to excessive sitting these muscles become very tight and need to be stretched.

To stretch your hip flexors kneel on one knee keeping a pillow or a mat underneath the knee. Raise your other knee forward putting the corresponding foot on the ground. Move your hip forward feeling the stretch on your hip flexor of the leg with a knee on the ground. Repeat with the other leg.

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Flex Your Rotator Cuffs

The rotator cuffs are in the shoulder joint and they help in stabilizing the shoulder. As your shoulder muscles get stronger it is equally important to strengthen your rotator cuffs as well.

Rotator cuff exercises should include external rotation, internal rotation, shoulder flexion, and extension. Make sure you consult with a physiotherapist or doctor if you suspect a rotator cuff injury or stiffness.

Rotator cuff exercises with very light dumbbells should be done to maintain shoulder health.

Slow And Steady Lifts The Weight!

Lifting heavy weights is sure enjoyable and should be. However, make sure you focus on the long-term journey instead of momentarily pleasure associated with lifting bigger weights.

If you lift with proper form and incorporate mobility work such in your routine you minimize the risk of injury. This way you will be able to lift for a lifetime without any serious injuries.

You’ll be able to derive the true pleasure of lifting heavier weights for a lifetime.

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The Longevity Of Your Fitness Journey- Best Seller Of The Week -

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