What Are Nootropics? Side Effects and Benefits

Nootropics can be defined as any compounds or ingredients mixed together to enhance core focus, cognitive functions of the brain, improve recall, reaction time and focus.

Nootropics can help you improve your memory and learning ability. They ca help you maintain your brain’s functions to function smoothly under difficult conditions too. Some of the elite nootropics also help in protecting our brain from chemical damage by improving neuronal mechanisms.

Secondary benefits of nootropics include help in improving social skills. If you are an introvert, nootropics might help you socialize confidently.

Nootropics also have mood improving effects and relieve stress. If you want to regulate your sleep cycles, nootropics might help you as they optimize melatonin levels.

What Is The Need Of Nootropics Like Synagen IQ?

Nootropics are also called as smart drugs. These are supplements which improve the executive functions of the brain like the memory, creativity, motivation etc.

Do you feel lazy and lethargic? Do you just don’t want to get up from your bed? Do you feel the lack of motivation to do anything in life? Do you want to change something in you but you don’t know how to? Do you find it difficult to focus on the work on hand? Uncontrollable thoughts in mind? Your mind doesn’t seem to ‘listen’ to you?

Well if any of the above is your problem then here is a ‘One bottle solution’ to solve all of them. Synagen IQ Supplement!

Synagen IQ Supplement is a potent nootropic with advanced formula. All the ingredients used in Synagen IQ Supplement are natural pump your brain up to improve its efficiency and effectivity. It assists in increasing your energy levels for day to day activities.


Synagen IQ: Is It Safe?

Synagen IQ is an all-natural formula that helps in improving our brain’s overall health. It optimizes our mental performance in a risk free manner.

Synagen IQ contains only natural ingredients which were discovered by an elite group of scientists. These ingredients potent results that are achieved without any risks.

Synagen IQ contains ingredients like the phosphatidylserine complex in a 100% pure form. This ingredient optimizes the functioning of the brain cells.

Manufacturing of this elite brain supplement is done with the utmost care and in an advanced facility. Synagen IQ is manufactured in an advanced laboratory certified by FDA GMP Facility.

Synagen IQ is a completely non-invasive, non-surgical and natural supplement. All these factors make Synagen IQ safe to use.

You will experience benefits like elevation in cognitive skills, memory and focus. Mental energy levels increase too and you feel motivated to complete your daily tasks as well as chores.


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How Does Synagen IQ Work?

Synagen IQ Supplement is a new supplement that has superior cognitive thinking properties. It helps to improve the brain function. Its Synagen IQ Supplement 100% phosphatidylserine complex supports our brain to work efficiently.

Phosphatidylserine is derived from bovine brain phospholipids.  It helps in improving blood circulation towards the brain. Also, Phosphatidylserine reduces the cortisol levels significantly. This helps people suffering from depression and mood swings.

Neurotransmitters levels are optimized with the help of Phosphatidylserine, which reduces depression levels to a large extent.


What Are The Benefits Of Synagen IQ:

  • Regulates the signal transfers within the brain thus improving its efficiency
  • Boosts the ability of the brain to focus and concentrate
  • Improve Resilience.
  • Improve Reaction Time.
  • Optimizes Cognitive Functions.
  • Enhances Neurotransmitters in the brain.
  • Reduce Mental Fatigue.
  • Rich in anti-oxidants.
  • Results in healthier brain functions.
  • Increases neurotransmitter production which in turn improves the effectivity of the brain.


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Synagen IQ Ingredients:

Vitamin B3 (Niacin): This vitamin is vital for boosting our memory. It helps in conditions like short term memory loss etc.

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL): Improves the generation of neurotransmitters. This enables our brain to communicate effectively.

Caffeine: Caffeine is a Central Nervous System stimulant. It stimulates the cells in our entire nervous system. This stimulation leads to a more active brain with better performance.

GABA: Improves the transmission of the signals within and outside the brain

Bacopa Monnieri: Activates brain cells and increases blood flow throughout the brain.

Alpha GPC: This ingredient is especially used by the athletes to increase their output. It improves the efficiency of the brain.

L-Theanine: This is a relaxing drug. It is used for reducing stress and improve sleep, giving the brain complete rest.

Phosphatidylserine (20%): It helps to keep cells intact and monitors the movement of nutrients within the cells.

L-Tyrosine Vinpocetine: This is an anti-stress supplement. It helps to relax the stressed nerves of the brain thus improving its productivity.

Huperzine A (1%): This ingredient is responsible for enhancing memory and cognition by increasing the levels of neurotransmitters.

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Synagen IQ Reviews:

Synagen IQ Review No.1: Samantha, 29

My husband is barely 3 years elder to me. At this young age, he had already started forgetting things. First I took it as a joke,  forgetting my birthdays and anniversaries. But soon it went to him forgetting his keys and mobile phones. I was worried. I wanted him to try a supplement which will help him regain his cognitive skills.

Synagen IQ Supplement changed our life. He has become twice as active as he was before. He remembers everything now. Thank you Synagen IQ Supplement. Must be tried by everyone facing this problem.

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Synagen IQ Review No.2: Ravin Decto, 35 years

My brother had a bad memory. Everyone joked he had got it from me. However, both our problem started taking a serious turn with time. He couldn’t remember simple directions and that made me worry so much. With an additional burden of his job, he was at the end of his wit.

We decided to try a natural nootropic. We researched online and found Synagen IQ. Since it is an all natural supplement, I decided to order it.  I used it for a few days and the result was compelling. I did experience improvement in concentration and focus. My output has increased significantly.

Now I am making my brother order one for himself. Totally worth it.

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Brain Supplement Synagen IQ: A Necessity Or Luxury?

There one organ in our body called as the ‘computer’. This organ is working right from the time of our birth until our death and is mostly responsible for all the functions of our body – voluntary as well as involuntary.

And yes, you’ve guessed it right. The organ we are talking about is the brain. We put our brain under so much stress, both natural and unnatural. But there is hardly anything we do in return for the services it offers us.

Severe changes in our lifestyle are required to reverse the damage done. Dietary changes, as well as regular exercise, will help in rejuvenating our brain cells. Exercise will help in optimizing the blood circulation towards the brain. Optimum blood supply will result in activating maximum brain cells and will also provide necessary nutrition in proper time. Regular supply of nutrients will help in accelerating recovery and regular reproduction of the brain cells.

A supplement with proper ingredients that will stimulate our body to improve our cognitive skills might help. This kind of “brain supplements” are called nootropics.

Here’s introducing Synagen IQ, a dietary supplement to enhance your mental state. An excellent way to return the favor of the services your brain provides you with. It is an all natural dietary supplement and is completely non-invasive and non-surgical.

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How To Use Synagen IQ?

One pill of Synagen IQ first thing in the morning is enough to keep you charged throughout the day. Synagen IQ being made from natural ingredients it aligns the brain to maximize its functionality.

Synagen IQ has excellent effects and results in increased focus, resilience, memory and performance.

So if you are looking for anything to help you with your mental health or with that of your loved ones, Synagen IQ Supplement is the best supplement you can offer yourself.

Where To Buy Synagen IQ? How Can I Get A Free Trial?

If you want to try Synagen IQ before paying the full price, there is a Risk-Free Trial Available. This trial bottle offer is available only to the residents of USA. This trial offer is available only online for a limited time and until stocks last.

In this trial offer, you are not charged for the trial product but have to pay for the shipping and handling charges.

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