Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamins and minerals are very essential for the human body, they protect our body from the disease. One of the most important vitamins for the human body is vitamin D, it is a fat soluble and it is present in a very limited number of foods. People also take sunlight to provide their body vitamin D, they also help in the functioning of hormone and every cell present in our body. Our body uses cholesterol to make Vitamin D when it is exposed to the sunlight.

You can also find vitamin D in fatty fish and fortified dairy products, but getting vitamin D from the diet is very hard. That is why it is recommended to take sunlight every day for at least 30 minutes, vitamin D deficiency is very common. According to the survey, more than 1 billion people around the world have a low amount of vitamin D in their body. Vitamin D deficiency can be very dangerous for health, these are some of the risks involves with this vitamin Deficiency:

  • Being elderly
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Having dark skin
  • Not eating much fish or dairy
  • Using sunscreen while going out in the sun
  • Staying indoors
  • Not exposing your skin to the sunlight

Many people who suffer from the vitamin D deficiency does not even know about it until they start to experience its symptoms. Below you can find some of the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.

Tiredness And Fatigue

Many people think that feeling tired and fatigue is a common and natural issue. This is not true if you are feeling tired all the time then this means that you might be suffering from the vitamin D deficiency.  According to the researches, men and women who have vitamin D deficiency will experience daytime fatigue and headaches.

To treat their vitamin D people often take supplements which can give their body this vitamin D. Well you can increase the Vitamin D in your body by eating fatty fish and dairy products. One of the easiest ways of overcoming the vitamin D deficiency is exposing your skin to the sunlight.

Bone And Back Pain

For a good bone health, it is very important to have a good amount of vitamin D in the body, it helps your body in the observation of the calcium. If you are experiencing lower back and bone pain then this might be the sign of vitamin D deficiency. According to the studies, there is a link between chronic lower back pain and deficiency in vitamin D. You can overcome this deficiency with the help of the vitamin pill.


Deficiency in vitamin D can also cause depression, in a study 65% of people suffer from the depression due to this deficiency. However daily dosage of vitamin D can help you in fighting the depression and it will also put you in a better mood.


Vitamin D is essential for your body as it helps you in fighting depression, it supports your bone, it also helps you in fighting tiredness and fatigue. Thus, it is very important that you consume food which gives you sufficient amount of vitamin D also expose your skin to the sunlight.


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Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency
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