Looking for something to boost your skin health? Don’t want to undergo expensive surgeries? Have been burnt by artificial skin care supplement?
Dead Sea Water and Minerals are naturally occurring skin care ingredients that have powerful anti-aging and skin rejuvenating properties. Cleopatra, the powerful Queen of Egypt, believed in the skin rejuvenating and beauty benefits of the Dead Sea Water and Minerals. Even some of the Hollywood celebrities believe in this salt and use skincare products containing it.

What Is Dead Sea Water?

Dead Sea Water is basically 35% of minerals per liter of sea water. In this mineral rich water, over 21 minerals are found. Amongst these 21 minerals, 12 are exclusively found in Dead Sea Water and nowhere else. Dead Sea Water is rich in magnesium, sodium, sulfate, bromide, potassium and calcium.

the dead sea

What Does Dead Sea Water & Salt Contain?

Below given are some of the significant ingredients of Dead Sea Water and Minerals helps in boosting skin health.

Magnesium: Topical application helps in reducing fluid retention in the skin. It helps in slowing and delaying the aging process. Optimizes cell metabolism by stimulating the body to use nutrients effectively. Also, a leading anti-allergic agent.
Calcium: Reduces water retention and improves blood circulation. Optimum blood circulation means regular clearing of toxins from your skin. Strengthens Cell membranes and helps in cleansing pores.
Chloride: Helps in balancing mineral concentration in the skin cells. Also, maintains the alkaline and acid balance in the body, it enhances cell metabolism.
Iodine: Important for cell metabolism and improves metabolic energy.
Potassium: Keeps skin moisturized and well hydrated. Optimizes nerve signals and muscle contractions which result in firmer skin. Maintains water balance for optimum rate of cell metabolism. Lack of potassium often leads to water retention, making your skin look bloated. Poor potassium levels may also lead to extremely dry & scaly skin along with acne.
Sodium: Keeps lymphatic fluid in check. This helps in reducing cellulite deposition in your skin. Less cellulite means leaner and younger looks.
Zinc: Boosts rejuvenation of damaged skin cell and optimizes skin cell regeneration. Helps in improving collagen and elastin levels, the two most important structural proteins. Very effective against acne, photodamage (damage by sunlight) and fights free radical damage.

Dead Sea Water and Minerals

Anti-Aging & Skincare Benefits Of Dead Sea Minerals and Water

Here are some of the skincare benefits of Dead Sea Minerals and Water:

  1. Provides necessary electrolytes for a healthier skin.
  2. Detoxifies Skin: The Dead Sea Minerals and Water has a pulling effect on the skin and this gently exfoliates the skin.
  3. Exfoliation of the skin draws out impurities and toxins significantly. This helps to counter oily skin which susceptible to acne breakouts.
  4. Treats Skin Infection and Scars
  5. Boosts Blood Circulation: Blood circulation in the facial skin helps to deliver an optimum quantity of nutrients, thus accelerating skin rejuvenation.
  6. Minimizes skin pores.
  7. Soothes and Smoothens skin.
  8. Powerful moisturizer.
  9. Strengthens skin tissue for a firmer and taut skin.
  10. Powerful antioxidant properties to counter oxidation stress and free radicals.
  11. Protects skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sunlight. This photoprotection helps in avoiding and reducing age spots and dark spots on the skin.

How To Get The Benefits Of Dead Sea Minerals and Water At Home?

Cannot visit the Dead Sea? Don’t want to waste a fortune by traveling thousands of miles to experience the skincare benefits of Dead Sea Minerals and Water? Get skincare products containing Dead Sea Minerals and Water at home.
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