Nowadays, most of the men are facing testosterone related problems which affect them very badly and they are found very unstable in their personal and social life. Hectic and unhealthy lifestyle has a major contribution in low testosterone levels.

After the age of 30, testosterone levels start to diminish. Every year, this hormone decreases by 1%-2 %, that affects the muscle mass, bone density, and sexual appetite and to counter this problem many of them opt for Steroids, neglecting its deadly side effects.

Steroids are incredibly harmful to the body, bearing the responsibility of producing testosterone in a synthetic and unnatural way.As the consumption of steroids has increased day by day as it gives fast results, it has become very necessary to understand about steroids and its harmful side effects.

You must be aware that steroids are of two types, anabolic and corticosteroids.

Corticosteroids are often called as the anti-inflammatory, as it is used as medicines to treat various health-related issues, whereas anabolic steroids are a particularly dangerous class of steroids, also known as synthetic steroids or designer steroids.

These steroids are created in a lab specifically to build up muscle and increase stamina. However, this drug is a transformed molecular structure of testosterone and act like a testosterone.

This artificial molecule stops the process of manufacturing natural testosterone by producing it artificially. Anabolic steroids do not have approved medical use and consumption of this drug without a prescription is illegal.

Besides this, most of the manufacturers are successful in selling these anabolic drugs through attractive marketing. They sell it as a natural testosterone booster. Be cautious while purchasing these supplements and always prefer testosterone booster supplement that contains natural ingredients.

Side Effects Of Steroids

Abuse of anabolic steroid possesses a wide array of side effects. This can be short term and long term.

Short-Term Side Effects Include:

–         Acne

–         Decreased Appetite

–         Mood swings

–         Fatigue

–         Disturbed sleeping

–         Reduction in sperm count

Long-Term Side Effects Include:

-Reduction in size of testicles

-Breast development

-Heart problems

-Kidney failure



-High blood pressure

Testosterone boosters are formulated and made by natural ingredients, which is more helpful and getting popular in testosterone replacement therapy. These supplements work without any side effects and stimulate adrenal gland to produce more testosterone naturally.

Natural T-boosters is one of those testosterone boosters, which helps the body to produce testosterone naturally. Its natural ingredients supply many vital nutrients and minerals to the blood so that there is an increase in blood testosterone levels.

These testosterone boosters work without any side effects and blocks the enzymes which turn testosterone into estrogen. It helps in building muscles along with; it also eradicates sexual problems such as ED, Premature Ejaculation and Impotency.

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