Fenty Beauty- Rihanna’s Rivalry With Kylie

It’s official! Rihanna is about to launch her own line of cosmetics this fall. LVMH (Louis Vuitton) has collaborated with the music industry star with an estimated worth of $10 million. People have gone crazy since then, eagerly waiting.


This news was a hot topic since last year when Rihanna announced that she’ll be venturing into the makeup industry next fall.

The product that will be launching initially is the holographic lip color that was previously used in the Rihanna X Puma runway.

Rest of the makeup products are still not announced, but we have a news for you guys!

Here Is What Happened!

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In an Instagram video, a fan screamed “what highlighter is it?” to which she replied, “It’s mine! But it’s a secret until September!” Another reason to be excited about! We’ve finally found the next go-to popping highlighter. Now we know the secret behind Rihanna’s eternal beauty. Time to shine bright like a diamond!


* Kylie cosmetics

But Kylie Jenner is not as excited or thrilled as we, forever RiRi fans, are! According to some insiders, Kylie is fumed and doesn’t like the idea of another celebrity makeup line. She already seized the kingdom and wants to rule alone!

According to reports, Rihanna will be launching the line in Sephora, just like Kylie. The prices are estimated to be very high. Girls, start saving like crazy and rush to Sephora on time!

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Rihanna Launches Fenty Beauty