As a natural lifter one is familiar with the fact that it takes a long long while to build a substantial amount of muscle. It takes time, effort and patience to acquire good musculature. However, there are certain things you can do to maximize muscle growth as you are on your path to become more muscular.

Hopping on steroids will surely get you big faster but they come with hazardous health risks and unwanted side effects. So it is the best to opt for the natural route with consistency and discipline. Following are the tweaks you can do to obtain a maximum amount of muscle mass from your training regimen:

Focus On Getting Stronger

  • While training your main focus must be on getting stronger with time.
  • Progressing through heavier weights is essential for natural lifters as it induces maximum hypertrophy(muscle growth). However, there must be an emphasis on proper form and technique as you perform the lifts. It’s of no use to have a behemoth bench press record if you’re not performing the lifts with proper form.
  • This is due to the fact that there isn’t enough resistance on the targeted muscles while performing the lifts. An unnecessary strain is put on the joints and other muscle groups which derives you from the benefit of maximum muscle stimulation. So focus on getting stronger safely with proper form to avoid injuries and stimulate maximum hypertrophy.

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Give Importance To Compound Lifts

  • Compound lifts are the exercises which target two or more muscle groups at the same time.
  • Examples include the bench press, squat, deadlift, pull ups etc. These movements have been shown to stimulate the maximum hypertrophic response.
  • Accessory movements(movements that mostly target single muscle groups) too have their own place in building a great physique. However, the prime focus should be on performing compound movements with proper form and technique.

Get Your Nutrition Right

  • Improving the nutritional aspects of your diet have profound implications for your muscle gains and overall health. Eating a healthy proportion of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats are crucial for getting enough nutrients to repair damaged muscle tissue.
  • Aim for around 0.8 – 1..4 grams of protein per pound of body weight depending on your activity level and fitness goals.
  • About 20 – 30% of your diet should comprise of fats from healthy sources. Fats are essential for maintaining healthy hormone levels. Optimum levels of hormones like testosterone are required to gain or maintain muscle tissue.
  • The rest of your diet should consist of healthy carbohydrates which mostly include complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are slow digesting and do not raise blood sugar levels dramatically. Some sources of complex carbs include sweet potatoes, brown rice and certain fruits and vegetables.

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Supplement It Right

Maximise muscle growth by taking effective supplements which help in more muscle growth

  • Supplements like creatine have been shown to increase muscle performance and strength, some individuals display a strength boost of about 40% on their big lifts while supplementing with creatine.
  • BCAA’s(Branched Chain Amino Acids) are amino acids which are the building blocks of protein molecules. Taking amino acids before and after workouts have been shown to minimize muscle breakdown and aid faster recovery of muscle tissue.
  • If you suffer from poor sex drive and libido or have trouble gaining muscle or losing body fat it could be an indication of low testosterone levels. In such cases supplementing with a reliable testosterone booster which has natural ingredients could help. Testosterone boosters help in renewing the testosterone reserves in the body naturally.

Relax And Recover

  • Proper rest and recovery are mandatory for maximum muscle gains. Make sure you get enough sleep, aiming for about 7-8 hours of uninterrupted quality sleep is a good idea.
  • Hitting the bed early has been shown to be beneficial for hormonal health and has an array of benefits.
  • In order to attain maximum recovery one needs to minimize stress levels. This can be achieved in a number of ways, one of them includes avoiding stressful situations.
  • Meditation, Yoga, Breathing exercises etc help you calm down and tackle anxiety and stress.
  • A decrease in stress levels are beneficial not just for your muscle gains, your overall health will be better.

Unlocking your muscle potential is possible if you follow these guidelines. Bodybuilding is fun and need not be boring and dull. So enjoy the journey of making maximum muscle gains and live fit!

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