Gaining weight doesn’t seem to be a challenge to many. But gaining weight alongside staying fit is what makes it tougher.

Gaining weight is just as tough as losing. Plenty of articles remain to tell you the tips and tricks of how to shed pounds and kilos in weeks. The same doesn’t go for gaining.

How much weight do you lose or gain isn’t important as how do you do it. Why? Because doing the “dirty way” gives you a heavy risk of obesity, heart conditions and type 2 diabetes.

How Is Being Underweight Harmful?

Being underweight is just as bad as being obese. To start off with, a research conducted on overweight and underweight people concluded that being underweight had 140% riskier in men and 100% riskier in women in causing early death.

Being underweight can impair the immune function, leading to the risk of infection, which may lead to osteoporosis, fractures, and fertility problems.

There is also a greater risk of sarcopenia and dementia.

So one must not be proud of being underweight, it is just as dangerous as being obese.

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How To Make a Quality Gain?

Dealing with weight gain can be stressful, demotivating and may lead to starting being unhealthy. Opt for nutrient-rich and dense foods like nuts, macadamia nuts, walnuts, peanuts, dry fruits, avocado, avocado oil, whole milk, cheese, yogurt, prunes, dates, etc. It is important to gain muscle mass and subcutaneous fat. This will make sure that you don’t gain just belly fat and go obese from being underweight.

Having a healthy choice will do just that rather than munching on doughnuts, burgers, and sodas.

Now let’s actually go through the processes.

Determine Your Target

Specify how much weight do you want to gain and by what time. Gaining 5-10 lbs in the span of a year is an awful lot of time wasted and hence, planning is important.

The goal of 2-3 kg gain in a month is a whole lot easier to achieve, track and to actually effective in muscle building.

After achieving the target for the first month, you might want to set a higher target once you’re convinced that you can achieve it.

Setting a very high target in the beginning often will lead to disappointment and motivation loss.

Increase the Frequency of Eating

Eating more often than usual and in smaller portions may just effectively help in gaining weight better. Smaller meals spread throughout the day are much better than consuming too much in one sitting.

Eat More Than You Need

Try consuming more calories than you spend a day. Spread it out throughout the small meals. It’s a simple formula. Without excess calories, there won’t be any weight gain.

For an average, slow gain, 300-500 excess calories are enough. The fast-paced gain may need 700-1000 excess calories. Accordingly, the calorie burning process must also change.

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How To Gain Weight The Right Way - Best Seller Of The Week -

Consume More Proteins

Since the prime goal is to gain muscles, eating a lot of protein will help build muscles. This will ensure the extra calories don’t become body fat.

Caution needs to be exercised here. Consuming proteins decreases appetite and hunger. This might get in the way of getting more calories.

Proteins must be taken at the ratio of 1.5-2.2 grams per kilogram of food or 0.7-1 gram of protein per pound.

Foods with protein include meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, nuts, etc. Whey protein supplements will help you gain some extra if you don’t get enough proteins already or if you’re lactose intolerant/allergic to nuts, etc.

Study Your Family Tree

Studying your parents/grandparents is important. If you observe a similar characteristic in every individual, you might just not have a chance of getting to your goals and it might not be genetically possible.

If you notice that everyone in your family is just as lean as you, then embrace the fact and build muscles accordingly.

You’ll not have a good chance of breaking the genetic chain, but your offspring might just have a better one.

Be Patient

Lastly, it is very important to wait for the results patiently. A slow and consistent gain is much better on a long run than a rapid gain. If you’re unable to achieve your “5 kg gain in a month” goal, then you must not panic or give up. It’ll be a mistake if you do so.

A balanced diet and a consistent workout routine will help you gain muscles in a systematic & healthier way.

The right way will ensure you don’t get into a mess trying to go down a shady path. Eat healthily, gain healthy, and stay healthy, whether you’re a bodybuilder or not.

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How To Gain Weight The Right Way - Best Seller Of The Week -

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