How Much Teeth Whitening Cost

Having a sparking tooth will help you to make an impressive first impression, but not everyone is blessed with a bright tooth. Not everyone is able to get whiter teeth just by brushing their teeth every day. Today white teeth are trending and to achieve it people are spending their money on teeth whitening products. There are numerous reasons why people, do not have white teeth, some have yellow teeth due to their genetics.

Some people have yellow teeth because of lack of good oral hygiene, tobacco, soda, and coffee. To get and maintain white teeth it is important that you avoid consuming food and drink which cause stain teeth. Today you can find a lot of teeth whitening and tooth bleaching products in the market, which can help you in achieving bright teeth.

Teeth whitening is a safe dental procedure, it does not have any negative impact on your oral health. It has been proven to be the effective and safe way of whitening the teeth, it will also boost your confidence. Teeth whitening treatment can be afforded by anyone, it is a very pocket-friendly.

Factors Of Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening treatments are a very popular method for getting a sparkling smile, this is why Americans spend more than $1.5 billion on it every year. A research was done by statistic brain and he found out that, annual revenue of teeth whitening industry is $11 billion.

Level Of Discolouration

The rate of your procedure is decided after finding out the level of teeth discoloration. Your lifestyle plays an important part in the teeth discoloration level, it could be because of excess consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee, sauces, wine, curries. High level of teeth discoloration can also be caused by consuming food with a strong color.

Aging is also responsible for teeth discoloration level and sometimes it happens due to the medication. Both intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors get affected as we age and also your gum and teeth health get worse. This leads to the thinner and week teeth and that stage it is difficult to treat it.

Dental treatments

You can try teeth whitening procedure in your home or in the dental clinic. However, dentist tooth whitening treatments are best and faster way of getting white teeth at a very less price. LED teeth whitening process varies from person to person, to know about how much this process will cost you. The whole treatment price range will be from $500 to $ $1000, its effectiveness will last for maximum 3 years.

Home Treatment

For white teeth you can also try LED teeth bleach at home, the procedure is very simple. You just need to wear the peroxide-based product on the teeth and you need to left it for several hours. Home LED teeth bleaching procedure will be more affordable. The price range is somewhere from $20 to $50, but its effectiveness will only last for 1 or two weeks.


Teeth whitening procedure is very effective and popular method for getting a whiter tooth. You can do this treatment in the clinic under the supervision of an experienced dentist or at home by yourself. This treatment will be more affordable at home compared to dental clinic treatment, but the result you will get from dental treatment will last longer.


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How Much Teeth Whitening Cost
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