Studies have proven that sleep is directly linked to weight gain. Let’s find out how.

Are you one of them who stay up all night? Are you having weight gain issues?

Your answer is simple. Sleepless nights are doing this to you.

According to a study, if a person doesn’t get a good 7-8 hours of sleep per day, the chances of obesity increase.

Why Do We Gain Weight?

The main culprit is the deposition of fat that isn’t used up as energy. The more you tend to skip sleep, the more you are likely to eat junk. This is because our body will keep sending us signals that it needs food as long as you are awake. But when you go to sleep, all the body processes come to rest.

You’re more likely to choose fat and carb filled food during the wee hours. This is a fact, guys! So if you’re planning on a nighter, make sure you have stacked healthy fruits and veggies. To be honest, just sleep and avoid food after 8 at night.

The food that you eat then converts into fats and gets deposited under your skin. Since you won’t be working out before sleeping, the calories won’t be converted into energy. And here you are, worried about increasing weight gain.

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How Is Weight Loss Connected To Sleep? - Best Seller Of The Week -

Ways to reduce weight just by sleeping

Fun fact! A person tends to burn fat during cold winter nights. This is because our body makes sure it I warm and thus burns fats. Don’t forget to turn down that heater before you go to sleep the next time.

Adequate sleep will result in a fresh mood while waking up. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will end up feeling lousy and give work a second thought. This way your entire routine gets disturbed and you end up eating at drive-throughs, skipping breakfast and reaching workplace tired.

When you get up early, you get to eat proper breakfast. This means less eating during the entire day. A full breakfast meal is a stepping stone towards weight loss.

You’ll crave sugar and salt less frequently. These two are considered monsters in the world of fitness. Try keeping yourself away from these as much as possible.

You tend to eat less portion of food. Fact: sleep deprived person eats 35 calories more than the one who has had a good night’s sleep.

Once you get used to sleeping early and blessing your body with proper care, you get used to it. It will disturb you if you don’t sleep on time or properly. This will ensure a well-maintained fitness cycle for you.

You will feel energetic and would happily leave for a good workout session. Kudos to that!

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How Is Weight Loss Connected To Sleep? - Best Seller Of The Week -

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