Remedies For Weight Loss And Obesity: 

Statistics show that obesity is majorly increasing among the youth. With the era of people relying mostly on junk food and due to lack of physical activities, this is resulting in the increasing rate of obesity and weight gain.  

Since it is very hard to follow diets and exercise routines, here are some DIY remedies that can help you to lose weight and fight obesity: 

Remedies For Weight Loss: 

Here are some of the remedies that can be prepared from the ingredients available in your kitchen: 

Green Tea: 

Green tea is well known for it weight loss properties. This miraculous to help in boosting the metabolism that helps in burning fats faster and make you lose weight.  

It is rich in Polyphenols which helps with fighting inflammation, LDL oxidation, and DNA damage. High metabolism rate can help in losing weight and consuming green tea with some healthy food can help in losing weight easily. 

Aloe Vera juice: 

Aloe Vera is often used for medicinal purpose because of the presence of more than 75 biologically active compounds. Aloe Vera also boosts your metabolism that helps in burning the stubborn fats from your body. 

A high rate of metabolism initiates the process of weight loss. Here is a recipe you can follow to make aloe vera juice at home. 

  1. Take a strand of leaf from the Aloe Vera plant. 
  2. Scoop out the pulp out of the leaf. 
  3. Mix the pulp and a juice of your choice to enhance the taste of the juice. 
  4. Make sure that juice does not contain any amount sugar. 
  5. Blend everything well and consume this for at least a month. 

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Lemon Water: 

We know that lemon juice is an excellent way of detoxifying. Cutting sugar from the lemon juice can make the consumption of it more healthy and effective for weight loss.  

Though adding few drops of lemon juice to lukewarm water make the process of weight loss even faster. Follow the given recipe to prepare your lemon water. 

  1. Take a glass full of lukewarm water 
  2. Add few drops of lemon in it. 
  3. You can add cinnamon powder or honey, this step is completely optional. 
  4. Consume this daily in the morning for at least a month to see the faster results. 

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Apple Cider vinegar : 

Benefits of raw and unfiltered Apple cider vinegar are not unknown. Apple cider is shown to help in keeping cholesterol level control. It an amazing remedy to lose weight as it helps in eliminating fats and also prevents the accumulation of fats as well. 

Consume raw Apple cider vinegar daily with water or juice of your choice. Incorporate healthy diet and this remedy in your daily routine to lose weight effectively. 

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Cayenne pepper juice: 

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin that helps in fighting obesity and stimulate weight loss. Adding this pepper in your diet can help in gradually losing weight. Here is a suggestion  how can you consume this pepper: 

You can add cayenne pepper powder to your meal to enhance the taste and lose weight as well.  

You also prepare tea with it, add the cayenne powder to hot water and add few drops of lemon. Consume it instead of regular tea. 

These are some of the easy remedies that can help you get rid of the stubborn fats and lose weight.  They will help you stay fit and healthy without much external effort. 


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