Exercises You Should Avoid

Exercising is very important for the human body, it helps them in staying fit and healthy, it can even treat diseases. It helps people in losing weight and building muscles, however, there are certain workouts which might be dangerous for you. This might be shocking for you, you must be thinking how a workout can be dangerous? Well, that is true certain workout can be harmful to your joints and bones.

The exercise which are dangerous for you and which you must avoid are mentioned below:

Jumping And Sprinting On Concrete

Doing any explosive exercise on concrete like jumping and sprinting, creates an impact. This can cause you several knee and ankle injuries, there is a reason why sprinters run on a track. You may have noticed that basketball court is not made out of concrete. This is to prevent the possibility of getting any injuries.

Rebound Box Jumps

One of the best workouts to build leg muscles, endurance and to develop explosive power is box jump. It is included mostly in circuit and leg workout; box jump helps in developing reflexes and coordination. However, you should avoid jumping down because it puts a huge impact on your knees and ankle. This can lead to injuries like ligament tear, damaging achilles tendon, etc, thus you should avoid it.

Behind The Head Lat Pull-Down

In any gym you would see at least one person doing behind the neck Lat pull-down, well it is the worst exercise. It limits your range and it also causes injury to your shoulders and spine.


Crunches are the classic abs workout but are you able to achieve flat stomach by doing countless crunches? Well, this is because, crunches are very inefficient and instead of building abs, you might get back injury. As per the research conducted at the University of Waterloo in Canada, crunches are the worst abs workout. Crunches can cause you a back injury, thus you should avoid doing it.

Cardio For Weight Loss

Many people think that cardio is better than weight lifting when it comes to weight loss. This is so not true, weight lifting can help you in losing weight more effectively than cardio. Weight lifting boosts your metabolism, which is very important to lose weight. Cardio will only exhaust you and make you tired and fatigue.

45-Degree Leg Presses

Most people go heavy on the leg press for building leg muscle but you must avoid doing this exercise. Because leg press, causes a tension on knees and hips, this can cause serious injuries. Thus, instead of doing leg press you should do squats and lunges.

Bench Dips

Many people have a misconception that bench dip is the same as parallel bar dips, but this is so not true. Parallel bar dips are more effective exercise, however, bench dips are harmful to your wrist. Because while doing bench press your wrist positions are very unnatural and also you put all weight on your wrist. This will lead to several wrist injuries.


Every person should exercise for at least 30 minutes, this will help them in tackling several health issues. However, while doing exercise it is very important that you do a proper workout, you should ask the trainer for help. This will help you in understanding what you need to do and what you do not.


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Exercises You Should Avoid
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