Does Argan Oil Really Help Dry Scalp?

In modern times with changing circumstances, environment and lifestyle our hair developed some serious issues. Problems such as dry hair, hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp etc. are commonly faced by many of us. To overcome these problems we need oils to maintain proper hydration and blood circulation.

Oils produced in our body are especially used for the nourishing scalp. Proper moisture and appropriated nutrients provided to roots and scalp facilitates healthy hair development, stimulates blood flow and nourishes the scalp keeping problems of dandruff, itchy scalp and dry hair at bay.

Oiling and massaging hair work by stimulating blood flow evenly to the scalp.

With the changing world and new techniques, doctors recommend people not to oil the scalp as it disturbs the natural oil production and irritates the scalp.

No matter what, oiling has its own beauty. It is a traditional beauty element used in most of the places since years.

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Does Argan Oil Help With Dry Scalp?- Best Seller Of The Week -

Do Argan Oil Treats Dry Itchy Scalp?

Loss of nutrients, vitamin, minerals, and dehydration results in the dry scalp. Dry scalp can result in many issues later just like a barren piece of land. It is a common understanding that a barren land cannot grow sweet fruits as healthy land can.

The same proven logic applies to the scalp. Thus, if your scalp lacks necessary minerals and nutrients it will not be able to grow good luscious locks. Sometimes this can lead to skin issues like blockage of pores and cell on the forehead, back, and shoulders.

Essential Argan Oil has all the necessary minerals and nutrients. Oiling regularly with Argan oil can nourish your scalp and help in boosting good hair growth. Dry scalp and weak roots can be treated with Argan oil but the question is HOW?

Vitamin E

Argan oil contains a good amount of substance known as “Tocopherols”. Tocopherols are nothing but compounds of vitamin E basically found in shrubs and nuts. Vitamin E helps to stop oxidization.

It not only acts as anti-oxidants but also repairs the damaged hair roots and follicles.

It gives a soothing effect to the scalp that prevents it from inflammation, irritation, and redness.

Fatty Acids

The human body fails to produce the fatty acid called omega-6. So, we have to consume it on daily basis. Argan oil is rich in omega-6 which largely focuses on the health of the scalp.

Omega-6 present in this essential oil aids in retention of water level for hair and scalp. When appropriate moisture is retained in the hair it is beneficial for the scalp.

Omega-6 not only develops scalp but also helps as a defensive factor for eczema and other scalp issues.

Other Substances

Argan oil helps in balancing the blood flow and oil levels. Substances like caffeic acid, squalene and many other compounds present in Argan oil gives adequate nutrients to our scalp.

Hence, Argan oil is efficient helps in getting rid of dry scalp and has many other advantages such as stimulated blood circulation, nourished skin and proper nutrients supply to all the weak areas.

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Does Argan Oil Help With Dry Scalp?- Best Seller Of The Week -

How To Use Essential Argan Oil?

There are several uses of Argan oil. Following are the uses to start with:

Conditioner – after you are done with your bath, take few drops of Argan oil and massage it gently into your hair, tips, and scalp. This works as a leave-in conditioner that keeps your hair hydrated and prevents damage from heat.

Deep conditioning treatment – massage your hair and scalp with a generous amount of Argan oil before an hour of taking bath. Wrap a warm cloth on your hair till your shower is ready. You can repeat it daily to treat your dry flaky scalp. If needed include it in your hair care regime.

Argan oil as shampoo – mix 6-7 drops of Argan oil in a mild shampoo. Use this shampoo to wash your hair. This helps to your hair to regain its strength, softness, and shine. The benefit of using Argan oil as shampoo is that you need have to take an extra step in your hair care routine.

Styling agent – Argan oil can be used as a styling element. If you are in a rush and need to set your hair, Argan oil comes to your rescue. Argan oil gives your hair a long-term strength and tenderness. Argan oil is best to style frizzy dry hairs.

Hair mask – overnight treatment of hair with Argan oil will give you the best of results. Applying a larger quantity of Argan oil on hair for a whole night will lead to sufficient absorption of nutrients. This can be done easily at home, just massage your hair and sleep well.

Other Uses Of Argan Oil

Argan oil has many essential characteristics that are not only good for hair and scalp but also beneficial for other body parts. Following are the uses of Argan oil for other body parts:

Facial moisturizer – apply two to three drops of Argan oil on your face and neck and gently massage. You can use it as serum too, apply your night cream once your face absorbs the oil.

Nail care – take two-three drops of Argan oil and gently massage your cuticles. It will soften and hydrate your cuticle leading to proper nail growth.

Aftershave lotion – you can use Argan oil as an aftershave lotion. Apply few drops of oil on your skin after shave to nourish it once the skin is dry.

Cracks and rough feet – take a liberal amount of Argan oil and massage your cracked heels and rough feet. Wear cotton socks and wake up to soft and moisturized feet.

Look how Argan oil works as a solution for all your problems!

If you have any nut allergies be careful using Argan oil. Well, not really a tree nut but it is a stone fruit and the oil comes from a nut. You can always test the oil on a patch of skin to see if you get any allergy or reaction.

Use the Argan oil now for your hair problems and share your valuable reviews with us!

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Does Argan Oil Help With Dry Scalp?- Best Seller Of The Week -

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