Facial hair defines masculinity. Nothing stands for manliness better than a well-kempt beard that distinguishes you from the rest.

Beard grooming is an area that most men are confused about. It isn’t discussed as often and is usually overlooked when it comes to male grooming.

Giving attention to your beard can drastically alter the way you look. A good amount of beard grooming can give you a classy, masculine and suave look.

Beard Hygiene

When it comes to maintaining a distinct and appealing beard, the first step is to improve beard cleanliness. You have to routinely maintain the hygiene of your facial hair.

The usage of beard shampoos and conditioners could come in handy during such situations. While using a beard shampoo make sure you work a rich lather over the beard and wash it off after a while.

If you decide to use conditioners do so after you have thoroughly washed your beard. The use of conditioners can be beneficial especially when you tend to have frizzy, dry beard hair.

In addition to these make sure you do not have beard dandruff or facial skin infections. Certain beard care products can help you with these problems.

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Combing Your Beard

After you’ve finished cleaning your beard you may use a towel to pat the beard dry in case it’s damp. Make sure you use a separate towel specifically for your beard as it will help avoid infections.

Any comb that has wide spacing between the bristles will work. However, there are certain brushes and combs specifically designed for beards that are now available in the market.

If combs don’t work well for you, you could consider trying these new brushes or combs that are geared especially towards beard usage. Combing your beard can help ease entanglements that can be unsightly.

Beard Trimming

Sometimes facial hair can grow unevenly or go haywire that may reduce the appeal of your beard. In such cases, you can trim your beard until it appears presentable.

To help you with beard trimming there are certain electric trimmers available in the market. Utilising these trimmers can be helpful if you’re not good at cutting them manually.

Make sure you stand in front of a plane mirror that has adequate lighting around it. Focus solely on trimming the beard and avoid any distractions that might result in improper grooming.

Use Beard Oils

Certain oils can be helpful in maintaining the health and shine of your beard. These oils nourish the beard from its hair roots and improve facial hair health.

There are various kinds of oils that are useful for maintaining beard health. Some of them are listed below:

  • Jojoba oil
  • Cedarwood essential oil
  • Almond oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Grape seed oil

The use of these oils can be very beneficial for facial hair health. They nourish the hair roots and help thicken the beard.

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Beard It Up!

Our facial hair can really make or break the first impression we give out to others. A thick, dense and well-groomed beard can go a long long way in improving your appearance.

With the help of the tips given here, you can sport an appealing beard that is raw yet well kept. Not only will it enhance your look but also make you appear as a true gentleman.

Beard grooming will help any man develop their personality and presentability.

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