Probably all of us take great care of our scalp hair. We use several cosmetics to ensure that it stays neat, clean and healthy. As much as we care for our scalp hair, we seldom look after our beards or facial hair. This can often lead to facial hair problems like beard dandruff.

As a man, having a thick, shiny beard symbolizes the very essence of manhood. Walking around with a majestic beard can look extremely appealing.

So it becomes necessary to tackle the problem of beard dandruff that is becoming quite common among men. Let us look at what causes beard dandruff is and how it can be tackled.

The Causes Of Beard Dandruff

Beard dandruff can be caused by a few reasons. These reasons are often related to environmental exposure and their effect on facial hair or skin. Some are given below:

Beard dandruff can be the result of stress-related factors that cause flakiness. Those flakes of dandruff can result in itchiness over time.

Certain types of yeast that live underneath our facial hair are known to cause beard dandruff. These organisms grow in a dark, warm environment that is provided by our facial hair.

Beard dandruff could also be the result of temperature related factors. When the temperature drops it generally results in dryer skin with itchy beard dandruff.

Lastly, beard dandruff can also be caused by an infection on your facial skin. This happens due to poor beard grooming and unhygienic shaving practices.

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Poor Beard Grooming And Beard Dandruff

Beard grooming is as important as grooming your scalp hair. Without proper grooming, your beard can be susceptible to a multitude of problems ranging from severe infections to beard dandruff.

When men think of beard grooming they often think of using products that they would normally use for their scalp hair. However, this is a wrong way to approach beard grooming.

Shampoos, cosmetics, and conditioners used for scalp hair are not good for grooming beard hair. This is due to the presence of certain detergents and chemicals that can damage your facial skin.

The use of natural ingredients is considered to be the best when it comes to beard grooming. Opting for a beard care product that contains natural ingredients is a good decision.

Solutions To Beard Dandruff

Beard dandruff can be completely eliminated by shaving off your beard. However, many of us would like to grow a thick, lustrous beard as it is a great display of masculinity

A thick, manly beard is what separates boys from men. So it makes sense to look for other alternatives for fighting beard dandruff.

There are many natural ingredients that can help you in tackling beard dandruff. Various kinds of oils, green tea, aloe vera, and lemon are some of the natural ingredients that fight beard dandruff.

Certain beard care products have effective natural ingredients that can work synergistically to fight the problem of beard dandruff.

A Healthy Beard Is A Manly Beard!

Beard grooming should be a vital component of personal hygiene and cleanliness. If you want to sport a thick, masculine beard you should be ready to take adequate care of it.

Avoiding beard dandruff can help in improving the luster, shine, and thickness of your beard. Moreover, a clean beard is much much more appealing than an unkempt, untidy beard.

Regular grooming of facial hair can go a long way in redefining your masculinity. For a healthy beard is a manly beard!

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