Who would not love to have fair white skin? Fair soft and white skin makes you look like a snow-white and obviously, everyone has a wish to get the fair and soft skin. Various homemade remedies and treatments are available to get glowing supple skin.

Mother Nature has blessed us with various natural oils that can be used for several purposes. In the world of cosmetics and dermatology, essential natural oil is in limelight.

Essential oils have various properties that help our skin to stay healthy and protect it from damage. One such oil that helps our skin to stay fit is Argan Oil. This liquid works as Midas touch giving your skin a golden glow.

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Why Do Dark Spots Appear?

The appearance of dark spots on our skin is very ugly, irritating and dull. Dark spots generally appear when you are overly exposed to sunlight and pollution, take low unhealthy diet, hormonal changes, and rise in impurities and dehydration.

Washing and exfoliating your face with cosmetic products and various face wash and soap will not solve your problem. Chemical substances used in these products will irritate and cause inflammation in your skin.

As stated there are several ingredients available to treat your skin and make it baby soft. Today, I will talk about Argan oil and how will it reduce dark spots on your skin in this article.

Women are highly obsessed with their looks and there is no doubt why they spend hours before mirrors.

Do you wonder how do celebrities have flawless skins? For sure, they give us skin goals with their radiant skin. Industry uses these superstars to promote their product but many of us are ignorant about the chemical and artificial substances used in it.

Essential oils are cheap, easily available, easy to use and do not harm your skin like cosmetic products.

Argan Oil As A Bleaching Agent

Essential Argan oil works like a miracle and gives you natural glow than several cosmetic products.

Researchers and reports stated that regular use of cosmetic and chemical products harm your skin.

  • Argan oil helps you to remove fine lines and wrinkles. It hydrates the skin and prevents it from getting damaged.
  • Argan oil helps you to clean skin impurities and removes dead skin cells that create a blockage.
  • Vitamin E and omega acid in Argan oil help to maintain skin tone and prevents it from discoloration.
  • Argan oil has the anti-oxidant characteristic that helps us to fight free-flowing radical damage.
  • Argan oil helps us to fight skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Argan oil is a natural skin conditioner that maintains moisture in our skin.
  • It helps to eliminate dark spots and sunburn. After using Argan oil your skin will breathe fresh.
  • Argan oil helps in maintaining proper collagen and elastin level for the skin.

Argan oil will not clog pores and will remove signs of aging. A slight application of this oil will regenerate your skin texture and shine, unlike other oils.

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Use Of Argan Oil For Skin Lightening

Rinse your face with cold water and directly apply a few drops of Argan oil on your face. For better outcome, apply gram flour on your skin and then Argan oil.

Let the Argan oil stay on your skin the entire night for your skin to soak essential nutrients that improve skin health.

Don’t expect prompt outcomes. Wait for 15-20 days. Use this remedy thrice a week for about a month or so. If you have dry flaky skin avoid using gram flour.

Argan Oil As A Face Mask

You will need honey, lemon, and avocado. Lemon juice is best as a bleaching agent. Honey helps you maintain your skin complexion and avocado is rich in vitamin B and E that improves your skin health.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to 2 tbsp. of avocado and pure honey.
  • Add Argan oil to this mixture.
  • Mix it well, if needed add a bit of water.
  • Rinse your face and apply this mask on your face and neck.

Argan Oil For Skin Whitening

Things you need include curd, honey, lemon juice and Argan oil. Curd has skin whitening properties that are necessary for shiny skin.

  • Add 1 tbsp. of lemon juice with 4-5 drops of Argan oil and 2 spoons of curd.
  • Add honey to this mixture after 5 minutes of mixing the above ingredients.
  • Apply the mixture to your face.
  • Wash with lukewarm water after 20-25 minutes.

Argan Oil To Remove Dark Spots

People who are health conscious do not use cosmetic products. You will need oats flour, avocado, Argan oil, honey, and essential neroli oil.

All these substances are rich in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for flawless skin.

  • 4-6 drops of Argan oil
  • 2-3 drops of essential neroli oil
  • 4-5 tbsp. of avocado
  • 1-2 tbsp. of Raw honey
  • 2-3 tbsp. of Oats powder
  • Cut 5 to 6 slices of avocado and crush it to make a paste.

Add all the other ingredients to it and mix it well. Apply this paste without washing your face and wash your face after 20 minutes. Let it dry naturally.

If you have acne problems dip cotton balls in Argan oil and apply on your face, it will help you get rid of scars and fine lines.

Beauty doesn’t lie in the radiant baby soft skin. Beauty lies in confidence and courage. Remedies that are mentioned above will not help to turn dark complexion into fair. But the application of Argan oil will for sure remove impurities and make your skin glowing.

Avoid unnecessary tension and stay calm. Eat healthily and drink ample water is the secret to get flawless porcelain looking skin.

Besides all this avoid or quit smoking and alcohol consumption. Avoid chemical products that harm your skin. Eat citrus fruits and indulge yourself in regular exercise and skin care.

Try using Argan Oil to remove dark spots. Use Argan oil for skin whitening. Do share your experience with us. Flaunt your skin, be a diva!

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