Moroccan Argan Oil has countless benefits. It is also known as liquid gold for the same reason because it has amazing benefits for your hair. It is retrieved from the Moroccan argan tree. Argan Oil and Hair Color go hand in hand.

It is widely recommended and used because it helps make your hair smooth. Argan Oil has vitamin E oil in it and also nourishes your hair cuticles making it the perfect hair oil for any unruly thick and frizzy hair. It softens the ends of your hair and makes it stronger and silkier. People love following new trends every day for their hair which include coloring their hair a different shade and highlighting it in a unique way. 

Hair dye makes your hair look good. However, at the same time, it has a lot of chemicals in it which ruins your hair and makes it brittle. It has a lot of oxidative dyes which makes your hair unruly as well. If argan oil is used in the hair coloring process, it can make your hair better before, during and after the coloring process.

How To Use? 

  • There are hair dyes that contain argan oil in them and no ammonia. 
  • It can be used as a serum before or after.
  • This oil can be incorporated into certain hair colors.
  • It can be used as a hairspray which is available in various stores. 

Argan Oil Benefits

Shinier Hair

Argan oil helps in making your hair shinier and better because of the vitamin E oil in it. It also enhances the look of your hair leaving it looking naturally smooth and silky.  

Stronger Cuticles

The cuticles or the ends of your hair sometimes get really rough and hard to deal with. This gets worse after you dye your hair with chemicals and it gets rougher and the cuticles become weak and lose its nutrition and strength as well. With the help of argan oil and incorporating them into your hair care routine can help you strengthen your hair cuticles.  

Repairs Frizzy Hair

With the heat and unruly weather, your hair tends to get unruly as well. This means that it will get worse if you use hair coloring agents that have a lot of chemicals, therefore using argan oil in your daily routine will help in making your hair less frizzy and makes it look softer and silkier.  

Long Lasting Hair Color

Hair dyes do not last long in general because of the chemicals in them. It lasts for about a month at most. The use of something like argan oil makes the hair color more stable and makes it look up more and lasts for more than a month as well. 

Better Color

The hair color we get from a regular hair dye is not so strong and does not look as good. Hair color which is used with argan oil can help with giving better results with the hair color as it gives an enhanced shine to it.  

Fixes Brittle Hair 

Brittle hair is when your hair is weak and lacks certain nutrients which are also a result of excessive coloring and usage of chemicals. Using argan oil can help in softening your hair and also fixes the brittle part by giving it nutrition and strength and rejuvenates it as well.  

Therefore using argan oil as or with a hair color can prove to be highly beneficial. 

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