Are You Aware Of The Harmful Effects Of Sunlight? 

Planning To Go Tanning? Few Must-Know Tips To Tan Without Risk.

Too much time spent under the sun can be harmful to your skin and can cause long-term damages. Higher temperatures give rise to extreme UV rays. Prolonged sun exposure harms the internal layers of skin and skin becomes melanin deprived.

Melanin is the main enzyme our skin produces to fight against sunburns and darkening of the skin. UV rays penetrate your skin and deprive it of essential oils making it look dull and lifeless.

Let’s find out how you can reverse the effects and effects and bring back the skin you adored, bright and pollution free.

How Can Sunlight Cause Severe Damage To Our Skin

Prolonged sun exposure harms the internal layers of skin, and melanin deprived, which is the main chemical our skin produces to fight against sunburns and darkening of skin pigments. Apart from skin allergies/diseases, the heat affects the hair and it’s texture as well.

Sunglight causes photo-damage and accelerates production of free radical. This can cause premature signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. Make sure that your daily moisturizer contains SPF 45 or something in a nearby range.

You can find a free samples of moisturizers that have similar ingredients in the optimum quantity.


How To Reverse Effects Of Sunlight?

There are a few at-home remedies you can use to reverse the damage. Scientists and beauticians have now invented ways to better the skin texture and improve its quality. You can now reduce skin pigmentation, rehydrate cells and lessen skin burns without lasers or any other artificial/invasive surgery.

Easy, At-Home Remedies To Fight The Sun

  • Water:: Daily intake of fair amount of water will work just like magic. It will replenish your skin, hydrating it, making it look younger. 6 liters of water every day is a must to fight the heat and prevent skin problems.
  • Mixture Of Organic Honey & Fine Gram Flour: Widely used by Asians, this mixture will help detoxify your skin, making it radiant. It removes temporary tanning, loose skin, fine lines and patches significantly.
  • Lemon Juice: Applying or rubbing lemon juice all over your skin after a sunny date will prevent the skin to dull away or lose its essential oils. It is also advised an oral intake of 1 whole lemon juice a day for improved results.
  • Citrus Fruits: Eat your oranges. Infact. all the fruits rich in Vitamin C will help you combat photo-damage caused by sunlight.
  • Essential Oils: Mix different sorts of essential oils available near you. Prepare a mixture of them and apply a fair amount of the same on your face before going to sleep. Essential oils penetrate into your skin making it glow and dirt free.

These remedies take a while to produce results as these are natural ways of fighting against the heat. People look for quick rand effective results, which not such a great idea.


How To Prepare Yourself For The Season

Cover yourself with light colored clothes including the face. Kelp yourself hydrated with liquids. Eat locally available fruits and vegetables,  highly recommended for reducing dull skin. Massage your skin before going to bed with rich nutritional fruits.

Summer is the time shine and not hide inside your homes.

Let Us Know How You Prepare For The Day At The Beach!