The skin is the largest organ of the body, covering approximately a total area of about 20 square feet. Skin helps to regulate our body temperature and permits the sensation of touch, heat, and cold. Skin aging is one of the most important reasons behind the change of the skin pattern.

What Causes Premature Aging?

One thing any human being cannot avoid is skin aging. But something which you can take care of is premature aging. The environment and lifestyle choices are the reasons behind your premature aging. The medical term for this type of aging is extrinsic aging. The few major factors responsible for premature aging are smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, harmful UV rays affecting your skin and poor maintenance of the skin. Premature aging makes you look unattractive and dull which can break your self-confidence.

Now you are well aware of the factors behind premature aging and you would be also curious to know what exactly is skin aging, its different stages, major factors responsible for it, and how to take care of it. So now let’s have a look at the different stages of the skin.

Stage 1 (Up to 30)

When we are born our skin is soft and supple because our skin is not exposed to the pollutant environment. As we grow old our skin starts to toughen up. The skin looks soft, smooth and strong because of the huge amount of collagen and elastin production in the skin during that period of time.

Collagen and Elastin are two of the most important proteins which maintenance skin’s health. During teenage, there is a high level of secretion of hormones in the body which results in the production of sweat and oil.

More sweat and oil on the skin causes acne and pimples, but once the hormones settle down they disappear from the skin. The outer layer of epidermis thins out slightly at the age of 16-18 years.

During this period of time, your skin starts to glow, becomes radiant and remains soft. But once you enter your late 20’s the skin starts to look dull.

Causes: Stress, lack of sleep, smoking cigarettes, exposed to harmful UV rays and drinking alcohol.

Signs Of Aging: Fine lines, dark spots and dark circles.

How To Maintain: You can take care of your skin naturally by drinking green tea, applying honey on the face regularly can reduce the effects of premature aging. Another way to take care of your skin is, by using anti-aging creams or serums.

Stage 2 (After 30)

Collagen keeps the skin firm, strong and supple. But once you hit the age of 30 the production of collagen in the skin starts to reduce which results in a saggy and dull skin. The metabolism process slowdown which affects the bioenergy of all the body cells.

Causes: Unhealthy lifestyle, poor appetite, smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol.

Signs: Patchy skin, increase in fine lines, dark spots and dark circles.

How To Maintain: Using anti-aging creams can reduce signs of aging. Applying cucumber under your eyes can also reduce the visibility of dark spots. Drinking adequate amount of water daily will remove dirt and oil from the skin and help the skin to glow.

Stage 3 (After 40)

Once you enter your 40’s your skin becomes saggy. This is also the time when you come across with more wrinkles and fine lines. The fat in the skin starts to become thin which sags your skin. During the time of pregnancy, your skin gets a natural glow from within. But post pregnancy affects the skin badly.

Causes: The normal process of aging, post-pregnancy, stress, smoking and excess alcohol consumption.

Signs: Serious dark circles appear on the skin, increase in fine lines, crow feet, and saggy skin.

How To Maintain: Use products which include the ingredients like Vitamin C, peptides, and retinol. These ingredients will reduce the effect of dark circles, dark spots and crow feet and will help to get back the lost glow.

Stage 4 (After 50)

Menopause is a transition period in a woman’s life which also affects the skin. The skin gets weak and it cannot retain hydration which makes your skin look extremely dry. After the age of 50, all the skin problems get worst, if not maintained.

Causes: Natural aging process, slow metabolism, sun damage, stress, and smoking.

Signs: After 50 you need no indicator to recognize that your skin is aging. You will automatically realize as you enter this stage.

How To Maintain: Regular exercise and the healthy diet are the main keys for the maintenance of the skin. It is difficult to get back the glow of the skin like it was earlier. But using anti-aging creams religiously will make you look younger than your actual age.

Stage 5 (After 60)

Once you hit the age of 60 the production of collagen and elastin slows down drastically. All the skin problems accelerate at this age. Reduction in oil-producing glands results in dry skin. Due to dry skin, you may also suffer from itchiness.

Causes: Age factor which slows down metabolism in the body

Signs: No need of any indicator

How To Maintain: Daily walk for 20-25 minutes and maintain proper diet will help to maintain skin’s health.

To counter skin aging, using anti-aging products is ideal. These anti-aging creams contain the rare but essential nutrients that are necessary to repair and rejuvenate our skin from within. These nutrients are not found in our daily skincare solutions.

There are multiple anti-aging solutions available online. Some of them offer a free trial too. But keep in mind, you have to pay the nominal shipping and handling charges. If you would like to order a free trial, click on the link given below.

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